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Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is about reducing the amount of overall energy required to operate your business. This can include upgrading to more energy efficient machinery, appliances or fittings, improving your business premises (for e.g. through insulation) or changing behaviour such as turning off lights or adjusting the thermostat on your air-conditioner.

Embeded Generation

Embedded generation refers to on-site generationof electricity ‘behind the meter’ to be used by the business itself. This can include any small electricity generator but at the SME level the main embedded generation is solar PV. Embedded generation does not so much reduce the energy you use as offset it, meaning your energy costs are lower. There is also the potential to export electricity you don’t use to the electricity grid for use by other

Load Shifting

Load shifting refers to solutions that allow a reduction in electricity demand at peak times when electricity is expensive to a time when electricity is cheaper. This includes turning off or scheduling non-critical appliances (for e.g. washing machines and dishwashers) out of peak times, or pre-cooling your business premises earlier in the day so that air- conditioners don’t need to run at as much in the late afternoon or early evening. Load shifting measures can also be soft, for example text notifications to turn off appliances for short periods of time.

Energy Storage

Energy storage for SMEs largely refers to batteriesor battery energy storage systems. What this means is that electricity from the grid or generated on-site (solar or wind) can be stored and used either as back- up or when electricity from the grid is more expensive.

Ours Services - Solar PV Embedded Generation

Solar Project Designer
Perform site-specific engineering analysis of commercial, industrial, or utility-scale solar projects.
Solar Project Developer
Combining the best sites and technologies to produce the most effective solar energy solutions for their clients, solar project developers provide a critical link between engineering, procurement, and construction.
Solar Instructor
Solar instructors transmit the industry’s fundamental principles and best practices — in science, technology, craft, and safety — to students at every level. They are experts, teachers, visionaries.
Solar Site Assesor
Solar Assessors evaluate sites in-person or remotely to determine how much energy can be harvested at a given location, then make written recommendations to potential customers.
Solar/Electrical Contractor
Install, maintain and repair electrical wiring, equipment and fixtures for PV systems. Ensure that work complies with electrical and building codes.
Solar Projects Management
Coordinates all of the workers and materials involved in a solar installation, managing time and budgets, and translating between engineers, system designers, and installers in the field.

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Noviembre 2018
Within the framework of the International Cooperation Agreement between Cahn Australia and the Casanare Chamber of Commerce (Colombia). The first course of Photovoltaic Solar Energy was carried out. The course was given in the month of November in the dependencies of the Chamber of Commerce of Casanare. The course consisted of theoretical and practical classes in which the 25 students learned about the different equipment and materials that make up a photovoltaic solar system connected to the network
The course is sponsored by PAREX, CCC, IMS, CAHN AUSTRALIA
The second course that will focus on the design of photovoltaic solar systems connected to the grid will be conducted in January 2019.
Noviembre 2018
Colombia electricity supply is in a state of transition. For small to medium-sized businesses, this transition brings risks, but also opportunities – to lower operating costs, get an edge on your competition and differentiate business by using new technologies.
Cahn Australia and IMS Ingeniera are helping Sogamoso Paving Stonemakers in the efficient integration of photovoltaic solar energy in order to reduce environmental pollution, reduce production costs and improve copetitivity.
Cahn Australia / IMS have worked on the evaluation and design of a pilot project in conjunction with a local entrepreneur. It is expected that the solar photovoltaic plant will generate savings for energy concept of 50%, the project will be implemented during 2019
The evaluation and design is sponsored by CAHN AUSTRALIA & IMS
January 2019
Using technologies like solar PV, battery storage, load shifting and integrated energy management systems can be a sensible step to reduce your electricity bills. However, one of the biggest challenges when it comes to reducing your energy use or your bills is finding clear and easy to understand information on what the opportunities are, and what might work for your business.
Embedded generation refers to on-site generationof electricity ‘behind the meter’ to be used by the business itself. This can include any small electricity generator but at the SME (Small-Medium Enterprises) level the main embedded generation is solar PV
The objective of this seminar is to help Sogamoso SME business owners to understand the options for managing their electricity consumption. This 3 hours Seminar is a how-to reference designed to help you better understand how you use electricity, and from there investigate the types of ‘demand-side management’ options that will help you reduce your operating costs.
The Seminar is sponsored by CCS, IMS, CAHN AUSTRALIA