Energy storage can take a variety of forms, but battery storage is the most practical option for SMEs. Battery arrays have a long history of being used in off-grid applications to make more use of power generated by solar PV. Recently businesses have started to investigate their potential for on-grid situations. When combined with solar, they can be used to move electricity from a period with excess generation to one without.
Historically, because of their high cost, SMEs that have grid connections have only used battery storage to back up critical systems (such as computer servers) for short periods of time. To be used daily a much larger amount of storage is required. If used on a daily basis, batteries will generally have shorter lifespans and the replacement costs impact the financial return of these solutions. Although costs for battery systems are declining rapidly it is important to consider the operational lifespan of any battery options that you investigate to make sure your expected payback is realistic. Additionally, strict recycling and disposal practices are required to avoid environmental impacts.