Energy effi ciency acts to reduce the amount of energy required for your business to operate. Energy efficiency involves either installing equipment such as building insulation, more effi cient fi ttings and appliances or changing behaviours.
Energy effi ciency is an overall reduction in the amount of electricity used, but does not usually focus on a reduction at a particular time of day. Energy effi ciency also has signifi cant environmental benefi ts.
For energy effi ciency the value is in the electricity not consumed. Some electricity tariffs may make the value of this energy greater or less. Importantly, the options for energy effi ciency within your business relate to how you use energy (refer to business types) and the best value options depend on what you can do without affecting your business operations.
Although not the focus of this guide, behavioural change can also be a simple and cost effective solution to reduce the volume and timing of consumption to achieve the desired DSM outcomes. A number of organisations can assist with training for staff on more effi cient use of energy.
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